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Understanding Proteins.

A Complete Workshop of Protein Bioinformatics Analysis.

Duration: 6 Days

Lectures: 76

Case-study: 1

When: As soon as your payment is confirmed!

How: Pre-recorded Online Lectures

An End-to-end Case Study of Pathogenic Protein

From Primary Protein Analysis to Molecular Dynamics and Simulations

Learn, practice, apply and research real-life protein analysis.


It is important to analyze proteins to understand their biological importance and functions such as: 

  • How two proteins interact with each other to perform their function(s).

  • What are their physiochemical properties, such as molecular weight, half-life and etc.

  • What are the important functional sites and regions of the proteins.

  • Which residues play the role in protein-protein interactions.

  • Which biologically important compounds have better binding affinity with the target protein.

  • What are the important domains present in the protein-of-interest and how these domains interact with other domains.

  • Which protein databases are available and what sort of protein data can be retrieved from them.

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Scope, Skills and Topics


In this pre-recorded, pre-scheduled and pre-outlined ​Understanding Proteins - A Complete Workshop of Protein Bioinformatics Analysis. You’ll be learning a huge set of Bioinformatics skills that can help you with your Bioinformatics analysis and research, you’ll be learning and practicing Protein Bioinformatics skills through our pre-recorded workshop, the skillsets that you’ll gain are as follows:

  • Protein Databases

  • Basic and Primary Protein Analysis

  • Secondary Structure Prediction & Analysis

  • 3D Structure Prediction, Validation, Evaluation, Alignment (Superimposing) and Analysis

  • Molecular Docking and Virtual Screening

  • Molecular Dynamics and Simulation

important note

You'll be practicing on a case-study of a pathogenic protein. So, not only you learn Protein Bioinformatics analysis, you also do real-world research in thisUnderstanding Proteins - A Complete Workshop of Protein Bioinformatics Analysis.

Our Philosophy

Learning should be at your convenience

We believe that not everyone is a fast learner especially when it comes to Bioinformatics, so our courses and workshops are designed in such a way that you learn at your own pace, during any time of the day and any number of times.

Everything Online, For Everyone

Whether you're a beginner in Bioinformatics, an experimental biologist or a Bioinformatics researcher, our workshop will help you greatly.

Learn effectively with well-curated materials

For an optimal learning experience we carefully prepare our learning materials and example data. So, you comprehend how your newly gained skills can help you do great research!


Workshop Content

​Understanding Proteins - A Complete Workshop of Protein Bioinformatics Analysis contents will help you understand the theoretical and practical aspects of the topics and analysis.

Protein Sequence Alignment & Analysis (2

Segment 1

Bioinformatics Databases for Protein Analysis

Learn various Protein Bioinformatics databases for the retrieval and analysis of protein sequences, proteome, protein structures, protein families and protein-protein interactions.

Total Videos:


Optimal Sequence Alignment Main.png

Segment 2

Protein Sequence Alignment & Analysis

Learn different Bioinformatics tools & databases for pairwise sequence & structure alignment, multiple sequence alignment, motif & domain prediction and secondary structure prediction of proteins.

Total Videos:


Protein Structure Prediction-01.jpg

Segment 3

3D Structure Prediction

Learn highly utilized and most efficient bioinformatics tools and servers for 3D structure prediction of proteins and peptides.

Total Videos:


Protein Structure Visualization Main Art

Segment 4

3D Structure Visualization & Evaluation

Learn highly efficient and accurate tools and web servers for the visualization and evaluation of 3D structures of proteins.

Total Videos:


Protein Sequence Alignment &

Segment 5

Molecular Docking & Complex Evaluation

Learn structure based drug discovery of proteins using highly utilized and accurate tools and web servers for protein-ligand and protein-protein docking and docking complex evaluation tools as well.

Total Videos:


Protein Sequence Alignment & Analysis (1

Segment 6

Molecular Dynamics & Simulation

Develop basics and advanced level Molecular Dynamics for protein, protein-protein, protein-ligand, DNA-ligand, and RNA-ligand complex simulations.

Total Videos:


Workshop Contents

Some Highlights

Target Audience


The target audience for this ​Understanding Proteins - A Complete Workshop of Protein Bioinformatics Analysis workshop are biologists, beginner or intermediate Bioinformaticians or data analysts with no or little experience in applications of computational bioinformatics and bioinformatics pipelines for protein analysis.

However, a superficial understanding of molecular biology is expected from you before you join the workshop.

Let's Discuss Benefits

Each Pre-recorded Video Lecture is Associated With

Step-by-step lectures to do Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Molecular Docking, Virtual Screening, 3D Structure Prediction and more. (Have a look in the contents section for more details)

Subtitles (English, French, Spanish and Arabic)





Automated Evaluations (MCQs)

100% Authentic Certificate

What MakesUnderstanding Proteins - A Complete Workshop of Protein Bioinformatics Analysis Workshop Unique

Hands-on application of commonly used and most cited protein bioinformatics analysis tools, servers and software.

Pre-recorded lectures, so you can watch, anytime, any where, any number of times.

Case-study workshop so you learn how real-world protein bioinformatics research is done.

Best of all, BioCode is a registered educational institute and a Bioinformatics company both in the UK and Pakistan.


Location: Online

Language: English, French, Spanish and Arabic

Available Seats: 50

Registration Fee: 49.99 USD

Key dates

Opening Date of Registration: January 15, 2021

Commencement of Workshop: As soon as your payment is received!

(Join Anytime - Pre-recorded Lectures)

Let's Get You Registered | 6 Days Online Workshop

​Understanding Proteins.

A Complete Workshop of Protein Bioinformatics Analysis

Get a Hands-On Experience on Protein Bioinformatics Analysis tools, pipelines, methodologies such as protein databases, molecular docking, molecular dynamics and simulation and more!

Applicants from Pakistan Please Do Payment to the Details Below

Bank Name: Faysal Bank Limited 
Account Name: BioCode
Account Number: 3024355000009611 
IBAN: PK46FAYS3024355000009611
Swift Code: FAYSPKKA126
Branch Code: 3024

Please contact us after making the payment!

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