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Fundamentally, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology is dependent upon biological databases that allow scientists to store, archive and download biological data such as sequence data, microarray, high-throughput datasets and more.

Analyzing biological datasets and high-throughput genomics datasets requires skillsets in Linux Scripting, Biological Databases, Biological Data Analysis and most importantly in Bioinformatics Programming and Scripting in Python & R

Through, 60-Days Project Based Functional Bioinformatics Internship you can expect to become one or all of the below:

  • Linux Bioinformatics Scripting Specialist (Ubuntu, BASH)

  • Bioinformatics Database Specialist

  • Biological Data Analyst

  • Bioinformatics Programming Specialist (Python/R)

  • RNA-Seq/Microarray Data Analyst 

Learn Practical and Real-life Bioinformatics Research by Choosing your Desired Stream

In this 60-Days Project Based Functional Bioinformatics Internship, you'll be learning and implementing your newly gained skillset on bioinformatics projects to elucidate useful biological knowledge from disease datasets which include:

  1. Functional Bioinformatics Analysis of Genetic Disease (Microarray)

  2. Functional Bioinformatics Analysis of Neurodegenerative Disease (RNA-Seq)

  3. Subtractive Genomics of Bacterial Genome and Disease

  4. Genome-wide Association Analysis of Transcription Factors

Don’t Know Anything About Bioinformatics? Don't Worry, We Have Got You Covered!

The 60-Days Project Based Functional Bioinformatics Internship is specifically catered and designed for Beginners and intermediates in Bioinformatics.

You'll be learning through a fast-track schedule of 20 days and implementing the gained knowledge on bioinformatics project for the net 40 days that will be publishable in high-impact factor journal.

Entire internship will be conducted online, through Internship Dashboard that will allow you to track your progress, next tasks, completed tasks and more. Each day, you'll be completing a single task and submit the task for evaluation.

What Will You Be Learning and Implementing?

  • NCBI
  • UCSC
  • PDB
  • PFAM
  • Database Searching (BLAST)

            (Total videos 85)

1. Bioinformatics Databases

  • Gene Prediction
  • 3D Structure Prediction
  • Molecular Docking

    (Total videos 51)

4. Predictive Bioinformatics

  • Sequence File Formats
  • Sequence Quality File Formats
  • Sequence Alignment File Formats

            (Total videos 15)

2. Understanding Bioinformatics File Formats

  • Preprocessing and Processing with Linux (Ubuntu) on Bash
  • Scripting with Python and Biopython (All Python Version)
  • Dara Analysis and Data Visualization with R (All R)

    (Total videos 156)

5. Bioinformatics Scripting in Linux, Python & R

  • Pairwise Sequence Alignment
  • Multiple Sequence Alignment
  • Protein Analysis
  • Motif & Domain Analysis
  • Phylogenetic Analysis

    (Total videos 42)

3. Sequence and Biological Data Analysis

  • RNA-Seq Data Analysis
  • Gene Ontology Analysis
  • KEGG and DAVID Pathway Mapping

6. Functional Bioinformatics Analysis & High-Throughput Genomics Data Analysis

Entire internship is pre-recorded so you don't have to worry about the timing. Each module has segments that you watch, learn and practice according to your mood, pace & time. There will be two Live Sessions and your project will be guided automatically through each process, however you'll always have the option to contact us 24/7 for any help.

All the modules are carefully crafted so you learn from the basics of the Bioinformatics to the advanced level. Efficient demonstrations of the databases, tools, methodologies, algorithms and software suites that are utilized within Industrial Level Bioinformatics Projects will help you learn how to start your own projects, do RNA-Seq/Microarray, functional bioinformatics, pathway and gene ontology, protein-protein interaction analysis and much more.

Quick Facts on Internship


Online/Schedule Based

Project Types:



Every Day

Learning Period (Initial):

20 Days

Practical Work/Project:

40 Days


100 USD (International)

14,999 PKR (Pakistan)

Payment Methods:

PayPal, Direct Debit,  Transferwise, International Bank Transfer, EasyPaisa and JazzCash

Total Seats:

Application Deadline:

Selection of Candidates:

Start of Internship:


20th November, 2020

23rd November, 2020

1st December, 2020

Certification will be provided on completion of the project.

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