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Really bad!!!!!
Bad service, bad data analysis and when you try to get a refund, they don't want to pay!
Don't loose your money and time
Just go for another option

Stone Zvico

Wuhan University

I thought since this company operated in UK It's legit and straight forward. I gave them an instruction to share results with me every step as this research was to be determined based on the results. To my surprise they compiled the work and the other section of naming the key residues was left out and they said they did my how i requested.

Blind review date approached my work was not done. When i ordered and paid for Review article, The methods on how the work was done and the thesis and paid them separately i was surprised that they did one documents with copy and paste work done by other journals really Biocode you expect one to submit such a thesis.

They Don't speak the truth. I don't know why such companies are operating in UK. They charged more money and asked me to complete my payment so that they give me my work 3 weeks ago till now i haven't gotten all my work and when i contact them they just say will give you update which they don't.

I asked them to refund my 800£ and they said how can we refund when we did the work really Biocode is this how you operate.

My defense is here and you people did this to me. I'm very disappointed.

You people you don't do this.

Dr Palak Mistri

Gujrat University

I will not recommend
they mention refund but actually they didn't.
they speak lie to me when i asked the course i have choose is not right for me as the content is not of a master's level and i said this genuine reason and denied for refund and said this is not a valid reason
aftr that to hold me he offered me other 4 course for the same price no extra money they will ask and i have choosen it for 1 year access
after 3 months he cancelled the access for remaining 4 and now i have only one.

when i talked with them
he said how can i offer u the course without pay !!!

i will say don't go for this its better to learn from youtube channels

i lost my 300 pounds but you people don't do this.

Rabail Afzal

Hzau, China

Few points i want to mention about this internship.
1. If you wanna start from basics, then this internship is best for you.
2. Starting from websites like NCBI and other this internship covers some softwares too like R, python and Linux after building student's base.
3. Instructors are very helpful and guides very well and respond on time.
Rest it's very informative and have plenty of time to cover it easily. Recommended 👍



Few months back, I was looking for some good bioinformatics platform to get a training in advanced level bioinformatics techniques. After thorough search, I came across Biocode 60 Days Internship plan. Without given a second thought, I signed up for that as whatever I wanted to learn was included in that internship plan. I completed that internship plan and I am extremely satisfied with the contents, video lectures and support /guidance which I got from time to time from the staff. I would highly recommend if someone wants to get advanced level bioinformatics training, Biocode is the place to start with. I myself now planning to start another training from this platform soon.
Thanks Biocode team for this fantastic learning.

Mushhood Ur Rehman


I started the internship on Functional bioinformatics by BioCode and it was, without a doubt, the best online activity on this subject that I attended so far. As a beginner in this field, I will totally recommend it to anyone with or without prior knowledge of bioinformatics. Besides that, their support team is one of the best.

Faiza Munir

Drug Discovery

I have been taking BioCode lectures for a few months now and I think it is the best platform to start with understanding the basics to the complexity of Bioinformatics and Computational biology. I highly regard the Biocode team as they are very cooperative and exceptionally helping people and always try to make things easy for you.

Maryam Shahid

Government college university Faislabad.

After attending workshop on drug designing last year...Gold bioinformatics was my second course over here...and from both courses I learned a lot of skillful things...step by step guidance through videos was pretty much satisfying... During lockdown by joining Biocode platform I can say I invested myself on a productive way(Biocode)...such a super supportive and humble Team of Biocode I have ever met!

Muhammad Muneeb Nasir

Govt. College University Faisalabad

The internship program of BioCode has allowed me to explore the new horizons of bioinformatics which were previously unknown to me. The program consists of from basic to advanced level of knowledge of bioinformatics which will surely help me in future in the practical field of research and data analysis. I am delighted to be a part of this platform. Thank You

Ergi Hoxha

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Biocodes have helped me a lot to be an international reseacher.
Thank you for the opportunity, time and dedication at any time for 3 months!

Inva Kociaj

University of Tirana

I am currently enrolled in one of the workshops of BioCode and I am enjoying this course a lot. Although, I have no knowledge about proteins and bioinformatics I am learning a lot because the way it is explained is very good. On the other hand, I really appreciate the communication I have been having with the staff members. Although this is a virtual communication it is easy to notice that they are very supportive, respectful and collaborative, so that I am very happy of this choice. I am going to follow another course here and I suggest this to anyone interested to learn more and want to gain very good skills in several issues related to bioinformatics.

Mike Pence

University of Alberta

The course was amazing, I loved all the lectures and it taught me great concepts regarding biological programming.

Salma Hafeez


Well the curriculum of internship are well-organized & updated from basic to advanced level. The demonstration of lecture is very impressive .As recently I completed my MSc Zoology in which bioinformatics I & II are our core subjects in consecutively two semesters ,but Biocode taught the more attractive syllabus than the curriculum of bioinformatics followed by any university of Pakistan. The teams of Biocode are very co-operative. Also the fee of internship is very low as compare to curriculum that is available by Biocode.I concludes that the service provided by Biocode are splendid ones .May Allah blessed them success at every step.

Olubiyi Makinde


This is an eye opener to the drug discovery. I wish I had applied the principles to my test drug. It would have reduced the challenges I had during my research and saved time.

Andrew E IVANg


The introductory components of the first was quite elucidated and comprehended. It was an eye opener and paradigm shift in my research pursue and career development. The presenters were able to simply complex terms and is commendable.


Saudi Arabia

A really good workshop. I have learnt and understood so many new things and concepts. I have solved my confusions related to understandings of computational drug discovery and fundamentals of proteomics. At least, I have learnt how to walk and make my own path in this field. One workshop does not make you perfect ever but it at least provides you certain skills we may need to have first before moving on to it. And this workshop contents did this job done really well. Whatever mistakes I have committed in completing the tasks (which I have many I believe) can be now rectified with further readings and practicing the tools and schemes I did learn in this ten-day forum. Being solely a wet lab senior researcher, though it was something quite new and challenging for me, but I have enjoyed it as learning never has an end. Place of improvements are always there. Really thanks for this wonderful informative, well-refined and precious course. I would love to join further in any of such workshops designed by the Biocode in near future. Thanks...



I was surprised and amused by the content and the speaker. They taught from the very basic concept and slowly building an advanced level. Happy to be a part of the Biocode platform.

Vaishnavi Dixit


The modules were so well explained and helped increase understanding.



The presentation is very crystal clear & voice is easily understandable . I am pursuing M.Pharm -II year in India. I have some basic knowledge on Drug design & Docking . I am using Molinspiration server for performing ADME predictions . I have gained more information regarding the other softwares which are used for predicting ADME after your presentation. Thank You






The content and presentation of module 5 is wholesome and educative.

Mohammad Irtaza Tafheem

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST)

It's a great experience learning about Bioinformatics. Courses are well organized and contents are clear enough to be understood. Within each video, transcripts are available and can be easily downloaded. Despite of the cost, e-certificates are provided upon passing evaluation test, after watching all videos. Plus, by enrolling for a package, it further provides and suggests videos to be completed within a day.



It was a wonderful experience with biocode. Best place for beginners. The course was beautifully organized and I loved the teaching method. The team is very helpful. They solve every doubt we ask. I am very satisfied with the course and it was worth the time

Khadija Izhar


Right now 'm attached to BioCode,' m doing just a first course from there but if all I can say about my experience is that, it has proved to be ultra-practical in our bioinformatics sheet.I think it teaches us more than our academic career of that equivalence..

Samia akhtar


Assalamoalikum! First of all congratulations for brilliant success in biocode. Really a good work i appreciate biocode is really a good initiative for bioinformatcians .keep us informed of such a wonderful knowledge... biocode success is actually our success.

Sajjad Hussain

Harbin Medical University,Harbin China

Thank you for all your help. Your service was excellent and very fast. Many thanks for you kind and efficient service. I have already and will definitely continue to recommend your services to others in the future.

Aysha Tahir


I just have to say how much I am inspired by your work. It is really good platform to study bioinformatics. I am really humble and greatful to entire team's hospitality and quick responsiveness. Jazak ALLAH 😊😊

Muhammad zuraiz butt

Virtual university

I like very much biocode platform. i hope when i will be join again then i will learn a lot of more information and knowledge. I want learn more about R and python languages. It is very helpful platform
Thank you waqar bhai you are so nice person i will never forget you and your team😍

Shaiza Tooba Gul

Baqai Institute of Information Technology (BMU)

As a Bioinformatican or computational biologist, you can see the importance of R programming and python when you start working with a Bioinformatics firm. BioCode will greatly assist you in acquiring knowledge in R or Python and will also give you the confidence to work with Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics Programming, Scripting, Development, and Computational Biology. The teaching style is very unique and helps you understand concepts better and easier. Without a doubt, I suggest to teachers, student scientists and natural scientists who want to further their work in Bioinformatics. BioCode is the best place to join.

Ch. Faraz Aamir Tatla

Government College University Faisalabad

Honestly the introduction of NCBI is really usefull as it is explained pretty well in a proper pattern.
I would have loved it even if it came randomly.
Really looking forward for more content.

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