It was a wonderful experience with biocode. Best place for beginners. The course was beautifully organized and I loved the teaching method. The team is very helpful. They solve every doubt we ask. I am very satisfied with the course and it was worth the time


Khadija Izhar

Right now 'm attached to BioCode,' m doing just a first course from there but if all I can say about my experience is that, it has proved to be ultra-practical in our bioinformatics sheet.I think it teaches us more than our academic career of that equivalence..


Samia akhtar

Assalamoalikum! First of all congratulations for brilliant success in biocode. Really a good work i appreciate biocode is really a good initiative for bioinformatcians .keep us informed of such a wonderful knowledge... biocode success is actually our success.

Harbin Medical University,Harbin China

Sajjad Hussain

Thank you for all your help. Your service was excellent and very fast. Many thanks for you kind and efficient service. I have already and will definitely continue to recommend your services to others in the future.


Aysha Tahir

I just have to say how much I am inspired by your work. It is really good platform to study bioinformatics. I am really humble and greatful to entire team's hospitality and quick responsiveness. Jazak ALLAH 😊😊

Virtual university

Muhammad zuraiz butt

I like very much biocode platform. i hope when i will be join again then i will learn a lot of more information and knowledge. I want learn more about R and python languages. It is very helpful platform
Thank you waqar bhai you are so nice person i will never forget you and your team😍

Baqai Institute of Information Technology (BMU)

Shaiza Tooba Gul

As a Bioinformatican or computational biologist, you can see the importance of R programming and python when you start working with a Bioinformatics firm. BioCode will greatly assist you in acquiring knowledge in R or Python and will also give you the confidence to work with Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics Programming, Scripting, Development, and Computational Biology. The teaching style is very unique and helps you understand concepts better and easier. Without a doubt, I suggest to teachers, student scientists and natural scientists who want to further their work in Bioinformatics. BioCode is the best place to join.

Government College University Faisalabad

Ch. Faraz Aamir Tatla

Honestly the introduction of NCBI is really usefull as it is explained pretty well in a proper pattern.
I would have loved it even if it came randomly.
Really looking forward for more content.


Abdul Rehman

Asalam Alaikum . i wanna tell everyone that why Biocode is so Interesting. Being honest, i joined the Bioinformatics degree because it was so interesting and so much exploring. When i started my first semester i got disappointed. Not because of degree but due to the Course studies. So i joined the Biocode it gave me Motivation that i did right. And all those Interesting things in biology and computer are in my degree. So started to work on it and learning so much. I highly recommend this To Every student of bioinformatics.
Abdul Rehman.

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