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Be Practical in Learning Bioinformatics

Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing using Command-Line and R

Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) is a technology that allows researchers to study the gene expression patterns of individual cells in a population.

Biological Data Visualization with ggplot2 in R

Get hands-on experience on the basic to advanced level analysis & visualization of biological datasets using the ggplot2 packages in R language. Also learn how to write scripts, preprocess, explore, visualize and analyze biological datasets for more meaningful biological research.

Understanding Proteins

Get hands-on experience on comprehensive bioinformatics analysis on proteins by learning from the basic bioinformatics databases for the retrieval & analysis of protein sequences and structures, to the advanced level tools and servers for molecular docking and molecular dynamics analysis of biological complexes for computational drug discovery.

Bioinformatics: Computational Drug Discovery & Designing

Get a Hands-On Experience on Computational Drug Discovery and Designing, its techniques, algorithms, various software suites and workflows that are implemented in drug discovery research.

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