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What's biocode?

BioCode aims to help the students of Health and Life Sciences in the development of computational biology skills.

All the membership plans (Gray Bioinformatics, Gold Bioinformatics and Gem Bioinformatics) provided on BioCode are designed from a very basic level to higher levels in the form of instructive videos entertaining and helping the user in understanding how to process, analyse and interpret biological data from various research fields such as: functional biology, molecular biology, genomics, genetics, cell biology, biophysics, microbiology, biochemistry, zoology, botany and various other fields– using various bioinformatics tools and programming languages such as Python & R.


BioCode offers three membership plans for the general public:

  1. Gray Bioinformatics is solely focused on using Bioinformatics tools to retrieve, analyse, process, visualize and interpret biological data. Requires no knowledge of computer programming.

  2. Gold Bioinformatics is solely focused on learning and applying bioinformatics programming to analyse, process, clean, visualize and interpret biological data using Python and R through various specialized data analyses packages, such as: ggplot2, BioPython, BioConductor, matplotlib, pandas, NumPy, SciPy.

  3. Gem Bioinformatics is a blend of both Gray and Gold Bioinformatics plans as well as with private research support and FREE Cloud Computing (server) access (Linux server, 1hr/biweekly).

Members of BioCode will be taught from the basic to advanced level computational tools and skills to enhance & polish ­­­their understanding of dry lab experiments.


We also provide Cloud Computing services at a very competitive cost to researchers & students on a weekly rental bases or as long as your project requires. Click on “More Services” to learn more.

Become computational biology expert

Become a skilled Bioinformatics

tools, databases, data analysis,

data visualization expert!

Become Biological programmer

Become a skilled Bioinformatics

programming in R & Python. Learn Biological Data Analysis.


Gray Binformatics

Learn Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Tools for Biological Data Analysis.

Cost per month:

1899 PKR or 11.99 USD


Gold Binformatics

Learn Bioinformatics Programming in Python & R for Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

Cost per month:

2999 PKR or

18.99 USD




An integration of both of Gray & Gold Bioinformatics. Learn Bioinformatics tools and programming at once. 

Cost per month:

3499 PKR or

21.99 USD

Craft your knowledge

Sharpen your skills

Enlighten yourself with thorough details of the membership plans that BioCode provides. If in any case you've a query in your mind, don't hesitate to contact us.

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