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We are a global, multi-disciplinary and diverse team of Bioinformaticians, Computational Biologists, Microbiologists and Biochemists and more.


Waqar Hanif

He's one of the most enthusiastic person you'll see in the field of Bioinformatics Software Development. He has worked on various Bioinformatics and Software Engineering, Android Development projects along with six years of old server company of his own, with more than five years of experience in JAVA, more than six years of experience in C++ along with three years of experience in both Python and R. He has utilized his skills in both Bioinformatics and other fields and won various awards in academic and non-academic sectors. He possess three years of experience in bioinformatics software development and programming as well as two years of Bioinformatics data analysis. He's two publications under his belt and currently working on C. quinoa, Rheumatoid Arthritis and BLAST GUI projects.



Haroon Mustafa

He has over six years of experience in the IT sector of a server company and posses a great deal of enthusiasm to learn more about the the field of applied IT in Bioinformatics. He handles the IT sector of BioCode.

Head of Project Management

Hamsa Ehsan

She's a passionate Bioinformatician who is immensely interested in Biological Data Analysis. She has many diverse interests, which include Graphical & Classical arts and Animation. She has skills in Programming Languages such as Python and C++. She also has one-year experience of Directing her own Startup Grind University Chapter. At BioCode, she manages the projects and works with the team to make sure an efficient delivery of the lectures in a creative manner along with new and innovative ideas.

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Head of Graphics

Armaghan Afzaal

He's a Biotechnologist possessing multiple talents & creativity with a perspective to visualize an imaginary world. He's a well driven graphic designer & a video producer. Having 2 years experience in the field of graphic designing & video direction / editing along with a collaboration with some famous music artists for poster designs and music videos, he has won some accolades in this field tooand won a videography competition. Along his talent he's equally an enthusiastic in bioinformatics.


Muneeza Maqsood

She is a proficient, sharp and quick-witted Bioinformatician. She is  interested in discovering new  horizons  of Bioinformatics, biological data sciences, morphological analysis of biological molecules. She has radical skills in Programming through  C++ and is working on Python and R in order to build new tools.



Yusra Karim

She is a skilled and bright Bioinformatician who is extremely interested in biological knowledge hidden in big sequence data, structure, literature and its analysis. Besides having good skills in Programming languages, she has also worked on various Bioinformatics tools and databases.

Social Media Manager

Muntaha Saleem

She's a Bioinformatician with emphasis on data visualization and graphic design. She's a blogger along with skills in Social Media Management. At BioCode she manages BioCode's social media handles and makes sure the audience receives up-to-date Bioinformatics knowledge. 


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