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A Step-by-step Case-study of Human Mitochondrial Proteome
From Dataset Parsing to Beautiful Visualizations

Duration: 3 Days

Lectures: 57

Case-study: 1

When: As soon as your payment is confirmed!

How: Pre-recorded Online Lectures

Learn, Pratice and visualize real-life biological data


Why is Biological Data Visualization Important for Your Research:

  • Validating the hypothesis based on visual inspection of the data analysis.

  • Quick visualization of large mathematical to better understand the dataset at hand.

  • Being able to compare the gene expression intensities among a large set of samples.

  • Plotting a bar chart to quickly understand the distribution of the dataset.

  • Construction of PCA plot to compare the PCA components among multiple and different samples.

  • Visualization of the distance matrix datasets among many biological replicates and samples through heatmaps.

  • Creating publishable figures for research papers, proposal and review papers.

  • Visualization of the commonly executed biological data analysis, such as principle component analysis, t-test, distributions and much more.


Scope, Skills and Topics
How will this workshop help you


In this pre-recorded, pre-scheduled Biological Data Visualization with ggplot2 in R Workshop, you will be learning skillsets that are required for beautiful, meaningful and interestingly publishable high quality biological data visualization and figures. Even if you don't know programming or R language at all, in this workshop you'll learn R language from the basics to the advanced levels and then apply your script writing skills on data visualizations. 



Learning biological data visualization can not only help you in creating beautiful data visualization but also in making impactful decisions during your research based on data visualizations along with publishable figures for your research papers.


  • Complete Introduction to R language (view content below)

  • Biological Dataset Pre-processing

  • Introduction and Basics of ggplot2

  • Key Components of a Visualization, Scaling and Labels in ggplot2

  • Facet/Scattered Visualizations

  • Linear Regression & Smooth Visualizations

  • Box plots and Histograms for Pattern-Recognition in Biological Datasets

  • Frequency Plots for Information Mining Visualizations.

  • Volcano Plots for Gene Expression Datasets

  • Heatmaps for Gene Expression and Distance Matrix Datasets

  • PCA plot for Principle Component Analysis

  • Phylogenetic Tree Visualization Using ggtree

DE Genes for

Important Note

You'll be practicing on a case-study of human mitochondrial proteome and genome along with real-world gene expression dataset.

Therefore, you'll not only learn data visualization with ggplot2 in R, but you'll also do real-world biological data visualization in this biological data visualization with ggplot 2 in R workshop.

Our Philosophy

Learning should be at your convenience

We believe that not everyone is a fast learner especially when it comes to Bioinformatics, so our courses and workshops are designed in such a way that you learn at your own pace, during any time of the day and any number of times.

Everything Online, For Everyone

Whether you're a beginner in Bioinformatics, an experimental biologist or a Bioinformatics researcher, our workshop will help you greatly.


Learn effectively with well-curated materials

For an optimal learning experience we carefully prepare our learning materials and example data. So, you comprehend how your newly gained skills can help you do great research!

Workshop Content

Segment 1.png

Segment 1

Introduction to R Language & Installation

To get started with some exciting data analysis, you first need to learn how to install the RStudio. In this particular segment you’ll also learn for what purposes computational biologists and bioinformaticians are utilizing the RStudio.

Total Videos:


Segment 2.png

Segment 2

Introduction to Functions & Variables in R

Learn about built-functions provided by R language and their utilization. Also learn how to declare variables and how to create user-defined functions in R language.

Total Videos:


Segment 3.png

Segment 3

Introduction to Packages & Data Types in R

Learn about various packages provided by R in order to enhance your programming experience with R language. Also how to install such packages in R and learn about different data types in R.

Total Videos:


Segment 4.png

Segment 4

Control Flow & Biological Data Pre-processing in R

Learn the flow of the code execution and control it by understanding the modularity of R code. Learn the best tips and techniques to do large biological dataset pre-processing in R.

Total Videos:


Segment 5.png

Segment 5

Biological Data Visualization via ggplot2 in R

Learn everything you need to know about the most famous R package, ggplot2 which has various functions to create different graphs, allows modification, annotation and much more.

Total Videos:


Workshop Contents

Some Highlights

Target Audience


The target audience for this ​Biological data visualization with ggplot2 workshop are biologists, beginner or intermediate Bioinformaticians or data analysts with no or little experience in applications of computational bioinformatics and bioinformatics pipelines for protein analysis.

However, a superficial understanding of molecular biology is expected from you before you join the workshop.

Let's Discuss Benefits

Each Pre-recorded Video Lecture is Associated With

Complete R for Bioinformatics Course

Step-by-step lectures to do data pre-processing and data visualizations in R. (Have a look in the contents section for more details)

Subtitles (English, French, Spanish and Arabic)





Automated Evaluations (MCQs)

100% Authentic Certificate

What MakesBiological data visualization with ggplot 2 Workshop Unique

Hands-on application and creation of biological data visualizations using ggplot2

Complete Learing Phase for R language

Applications on real-world dataset 

Pre-recorded lectures, so you can watch, anytime, any where, any number of times.

Case-study workshop so you learn how real-world data visualizations in bioinformatics are done.

Best of all, BioCode is a registered educational institute and a Bioinformatics company both in the UK and Pakistan.


Location: Online

Language: English, French, Spanish and Arabic

Available Seats: 20

Registration Fee: 49.99 USD

Key dates

Opening Date of Registration: February 16, 2021

Closing Date of Registration: February 20, 2021

Commencement of Workshop: As soon as your payment is received!

(Join Anytime - Pre-recorded Lectures)

Let's Get You Registered | 3 Days Online Workshop

​Biological Data Visualization with ggplot2.

From Dataset Parsing to Beautiful Visualizations

Get hands-on experience on the basic to advanced level analysis & visualization of biological datasets using the ggplot2 packages in R language. Also learn how to write scripts, preprocess, explore, visualize and analyze biological datasets for more meaningful biological research.

First 20 Participants Will Get Bonus Access to BioCode's in-house Built Visualization R Scripts for Reproducibility Use! <3



Registration Fee





49.99$ | 100% money-back guarantee 

Online, Pre-recorded




Note: Payment is required to get access to the BioCode Workshop Dashboard.

Applicants from Pakistan

Please Make Payment to the Details Below

Bank Name: Faysal Bank Limited 
Account Name: BioCode
Account Number: 3024355000009611 
IBAN: PK46FAYS3024355000009611
Swift Code: FAYSPKKA126
Branch Code: 3024

Please contact us after making the payment!

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BioCode is a registered educational institute in the United Kingdom and Pakistan.




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