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Bioinformatics and Biotechnology

With the advent of modern techniques in biology,

biotechnology has progressed exponentially in the last decade. It's an interdisciplinary branch of science which is popular among youngsters as it is providing ample opportunities for those who want to explore the new and modern frontiers of science. Biotechnology includes diverse subjects apart from biology making it interdisciplinary.

So, if you choose biotechnology as your major subject, you get to study biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, genetics, and Bioinformatics.

In various fields of biotechnology like genomics and proteomics, structure and function information of genes and proteins of all life forms; that generates a vast amount of data. This challenge of handling such a huge data can only be possible because of Bioinformatics by applying computationally intensive techniques. With the complete genome sequences for an increasing number of organisms, Bioinformatics provides both conceptual bases and practical methods for detecting systemic functional behaviours of the cell and organisms. Bioinformatics plays a vital role in the areas of structural genomics, functional genomics and nutritional genomics. Bioinformatics programs are also used to compare gene-pair alignment, which helps in identifying functions of gene and also genome functionality.

It's a comparatively young discipline in information technology and has progressed very fast in the

last few years.

Genetically modified plants are considered as chemical factories which are capable of

producing desired proteins, antigens, energy, vitamins, desired enzymes with the practice of biotechnological tools. Bioinformatics, on the other hand, manages all the information and data on such aspects of transgenic plants.Thus, bioinformatics provides different tools to a biotechnologist for access and compilation of data for rigorous sequence similarities search, data mining and planning for new experimental designs in all areas of biotechnology research.

Bioinformatics has got so many applications in biotechnology field. The comparative genomics in biotechnology has provided a path of evolution to researchers through accumulated data on genomics and proteomics. These are being enriched and updated through research in modern biology with the practice of bioinformatics. These databases help in new inventions in biotechnology that are useful to mankind. Sequence analysis and alignment, molecular modeling, docking, annotation and dynamic simulation to accelerate the biotechnological research. It's expected that many future Bioinformatics breakthrough are likely to stimulate analysis of vast biological data.

Currently, Bioinformatics have become a principal technology in all life sciences research.

It's practised worldwide by Biotechnologists to access various databases for research and to exchange information for comparison, confirmation, storage and analysis. Thus, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology have to move hand in hand for their progress.

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