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Bioinformatics & AI

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Today, Bioinformatics is about data, it's related to huge data deluge. Data deluge, data predicting but not explaining and knowledge management are the main unsolved issues. So, here is a question, can we improve those overflow issues? Let's Discover!

Bioinformatics in general and Artificial intelligence (AI) in particular; helps scientists to process data more accurately and finally deliver results faster. AI is the ability of a machine to abstract, be creative and perform the tasks based on its training. Machine learning could speed up the search engines algorithm's performance.

From last decade, there has been much progress in bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence and more opportunities are available to understand the biological data and problems. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science utilized to solve numerous biological data and problems by employing mathematical models, statistical approaches, and algorithms along with computational powers. AI is the ability of a computational system to perform different tasks linked with Intellectual beings and as a simulation of human Intelligence processes by the computer system.

The applications of Artificial Intelligence in bioinformatics have the ability to annotate the data towards logical conclusions. The molecular dynamic simulations, molecular docking analysis, annotations of biological sequences, identification of ADMET properties, computational drug designing and gene prediction can efficiently predict through the association of AI and bioinformatics. The structural bioinformatics tools have the applications of AI and have effective methodologies to design active novel compounds against neurological disorders and cancer through In silico means by using the tools having AI applications.

The advancement in AI and bioinformatics has significant contribution in health sciences including Immunoinformatics and vaccinology and leads to clinical bioinformatics, high throughput screening, disease prevention and epidemiology.

In future, Bioinformatics will play a significant role to analyze the huge data sets by using AI to save the time and resources. It will also help to accelerate the biological discoveries, especially in medicine, biomedical fields and robotic surgery.

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