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Gray Bioinformatics Catalog

Become a skilled bioinformatician and take this journey with us by learning all about genome browsers, protein databases, You’ll learn how you can retrieve any kind of biological data from these databases, their annotation, visualization, and finally how you can extract substantial information from the biological data in hand.

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Learn the fundamentals of working with biological sequences such as DNA, RNA, protein sequences, etc. You’ll learn to align these sequences, analyze them, construct phylogenetic trees from them, their annotation and of course, take out substantial information from these sequences and phylogenetic trees.

Take a big step and learn to predict the biological molecules, such as protein 3D structure prediction, gene prediction, miRNA prediction, etc. and move forward to molecular modeling. You’ll learn to predict these biological molecules from simple biological sequences, analyze them, visualize them, and model them.

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Genome Browsers & Databases
All About the Genome Browsers and Databases utilized in Bioinformatics from Sequence Retrieval to Genome Analysis.
Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Courses
Take our well-organized courses, and learn all about bioinformatics and computational biology.
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