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Premium Bioinformatics Services

World's First Freelance Bioinformatics Platform

Pakistan's First Premium Bioinformatics Services Company

Premium Bioinformatics Services Company

BioinfoLytics provides a range of biological data analysis, visualization, pipelines services to help you do more research rapidly and efficiently.

Helping You Achieve More, Do More

We take care of the hardships that are hurdles for your research by providing you with effective, efficient and quick analysis through Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Scripting and Programming skills and expertise. 


Biological Programming & Scripting Services


Ever stuck in research due to oh-not-so-familiar with programming and scripting? We've got you covered -- BioinfoLytics provides services for efficient, clean and to-the-point programming code and scripts written in Python, R for Bioinformatics and biological data analysis.

Languages that we provide services in:

  • Python

  • R

  • BioPython

  • BioConductor


  • C++

  • JAVA


Efficient, Rapid and Reliable Results

No matter how big biological datasets you've got to analyze, we've got you covered in all-things-Bioinformatics. Your biological datasets are analyzed through a huge fleet of high-end servers to provide you the analysis results as quickly as possible.


Low on memory? Low on storage? Low on time? Don't worry -- BioinfoLytics is here to rescue.

Publication-ready High Resolution Data Visualization & Figures 

A Series of Bioinformatics Services

To Help You Find The Biological Answers You're Seeking For Your Research!

Sequence Alignment & Analysis
Genome Analysis
Bioinformatics Scripting & Software Development
Phylogenetic and Phylogenomic Analysis-0
Phylogenetic and Phylogenomic Analysis
Biological Database Analysis
Biological Data Analysis & Visualization
Functional Analysis
Protein Structure Prediction-01.png
Protein Structure Prediction
Molecular Docking-01.png
Molecular Docking

Have Something Else on Mind?

Custom Analysis

How Does BioinfoLytics Work?

100% Secured Payment Methods

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3 FREE Revisions - 7 Days Money-back Guarantee - 100% Customer-oriented privacy

(GDPR-compliant -- your data will not be shared with any person, entity or organization) 

Each analysis outputs a Professional Analysis Report along with the output files that you can access, visualize and download.

BioinfoLytics - A Freelance Platform

If you're a freelance and an expert in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Biological Programming through Python, R, UNIX or any other Bioinformatics-related skillset, avail this opportunity to sell your services through BioinfoLytics.

Provide Your Own Services Through Bioinfolytics

Great Reviews & Fantastic Feedback



Really bad!!!!!
Bad service, bad data analysis and when you try to get a refund, they don't want to pay!
Don't loose your money and time
Just go for another option

Stone Zvico

Wuhan University

I thought since this company operated in UK It's legit and straight forward. I gave them an instruction to share results with me every step as this research was to be determined based on the results. To my surprise they compiled the work and the other section of naming the key residues was left out and they said they did my how i requested.

Blind review date approached my work was not done. When i ordered and paid for Review article, The methods on how the work was done and the thesis and paid them separately i was surprised that they did one documents with copy and paste work done by other journals really Biocode you expect one to submit such a thesis.

They Don't speak the truth. I don't know why such companies are operating in UK. They charged more money and asked me to complete my payment so that they give me my work 3 weeks ago till now i haven't gotten all my work and when i contact them they just say will give you update which they don't.

I asked them to refund my 800£ and they said how can we refund when we did the work really Biocode is this how you operate.

My defense is here and you people did this to me. I'm very disappointed.

You people you don't do this.

Dr Palak Mistri

Gujrat University

I will not recommend
they mention refund but actually they didn't.
they speak lie to me when i asked the course i have choose is not right for me as the content is not of a master's level and i said this genuine reason and denied for refund and said this is not a valid reason
aftr that to hold me he offered me other 4 course for the same price no extra money they will ask and i have choosen it for 1 year access
after 3 months he cancelled the access for remaining 4 and now i have only one.

when i talked with them
he said how can i offer u the course without pay !!!

i will say don't go for this its better to learn from youtube channels

i lost my 300 pounds but you people don't do this.

Rabail Afzal

Hzau, China

Few points i want to mention about this internship.
1. If you wanna start from basics, then this internship is best for you.
2. Starting from websites like NCBI and other this internship covers some softwares too like R, python and Linux after building student's base.
3. Instructors are very helpful and guides very well and respond on time.
Rest it's very informative and have plenty of time to cover it easily. Recommended 👍


Waqar Hanif


Founder, CEO


Haroon Mustafa


Co-Founder, CTO

Hamsa Ehsan.jpeg

Hamsa Ehsan


Co-Founder, COO

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