WordPress: Create a Professional Website from Scratch

A course by Anyssa Ferreira, Designer and Web Developer


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Discover the entire process for easily publishing a custom web page


Building an intuitive and functional website that also represents your brand accurately is essential to connect with your target audience. Anyssa Ferreira is the ideal professional to guide you in your mission. With over ten years of experience as a web developer, an organizer for the WordPress community in Sao Paulo, and co-founder of the studio Haste, focused on the creation of interactive experiences in the digital space.

In this course, learn how to create a custom website on WordPress. With Anyssa’s guidance, develop each aspect of your website step by step, from the initial adjustments to launching your modern and professional website online.

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The website creation process


Final Project


The first steps in WordPress


Publishing the site

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Start by getting to know your teacher Anyssa Ferreira, learn about her professional career as a designer and web developer. See her main influences and discover what you’ll learn in the course.

Learn how to install and configure WordPress: go through the program’s interface, get familiar with the admin panel, and apply your first adjustments to start working on your project.

Anyssa shows you how to create a website from scratch by working in the content editor in WordPress. Learn how to modify the appearance of your pages and customize them in real time, depending on the design of your project.

Develop your homepage step by step, with a different design from the other pages. Create menus, widgets, and custom CSS. Discover how to add new functions to your website with plugins.


In the final unit, Anyssa explains what a domain is and how to find a host for your site. Learn how to import all your data from WordPress to the hosting service and publish your website.


Finally, get some advice on how to manage your website and learn about plugins to help transform your website into an online store.


What is this course's project?


Design and publish a professional website using WordPress.

Who is it for?

For all those who want to learn to develop a modern and functional website for personal use or for a business.

What you need

No previous experience with websites is required to take the course.

As for materials, you need a computer, the WordPress and Local WP software installed, and a free code editor (Atom or Visual Studio Code).

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