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At BioCode, we believe in providing the best possible opportunities for the students, instructors and the teachers to avail the interactive and educational platform to learn efficiently about Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Programming. 

It has always been our top priority to provide the knowledge in best possible way and educate the community with the latest and cutting-edge techniques in Bioinformatics and Biological Data Analysis. 

As a sign of appreciation to the Bioinformatics community and keeping the roots of the company in mind ('Provide Best Bioinformatics Education'), we are launching BioCoders' Haven Scholarship platform that will provide BioCode Membership Plans to the students for free and let them build their skillsets free of cost each month.


Eligibility criteria


You should be a top scoring student of your class.


You should exhibit a great deal of motivation to learn and spread the learned knowledge.

A single but distinct student will be selected each month randomly using a computer program to keep the biasness at bay. The student will be allowed to select any BioCode Membership Plan for 30 days at no cost!
Scholarship will be announced on 1st of each month and the results will be announced on 3rd of each month.
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"It will always be our top most priority to provide the best possible education, solution and Bioinformatics platform to the Life & Health Sciences community."

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