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What Is Personalized Medicine?

As the health care workers are always putting efforts to make the community a better place to live. Various efforts are being made to ensure better health practices. So, in all this scenario personalized medicine comes to play. It's a new frontier for healthcare by a combination of genomics and big data analytics.

It's an advanced form of traditional approaches to comprehend various diseases. This approach has changed various problems related to health. We also call them as precision medicines. Sometimes, various patients are having the same disease symptoms but different illnesses and more likely that 40% of drugs that were taken to treat the disease were ineffective. Along with it if the medical interventions are working in some people and not responding in others, in that case, we need to go for personalized medicine.

Treating all patients suffering from the same disease with the same medication is not always effective so another practice is used which involves an individual genetic profile to guide all decisions that are made regarding the prevention diagnosis and treatment of disease. So, a physician can make a medicine according to the genetic profile of an individual which will be more effective. In the case of personalized medicine, treatment can be done on the base of specific characters like age, gender, diet, height, and weight of the patient.

The ability to give the right drug to the right patient at the right time for the right disease with the right dosage is the main goal of personalized medication. In order to make personalized medicine, we take the genome of an individual, and after sequencing it, we get to know a lot about all the affected genes / disease-causing genes, then we can make a highly specific medication. For testing, we make various model organisms such as mice. After the successful results, it's applied to the human case.

Personalized medication is always better because it’s not a trial and error treatment. It can be used to treat various types of diseases. To treat breast cancer medicine trastuzumab is used. Because sometimes patients overexpress a protein HER2. It's reported in 30% of affected people.

The idea of “personalizing” treatments holds the promise to give the best possible avenues for disease therapy in the future. So, if you're taking various medications and it's still not working, you need to go for precision medicines.

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