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BioinfoLytics: A BioCode Company

For years we've seen that there hasn't been a pertinent and well-organized platform that provides bioinformatics services for students or researchers; a platform where bioinformaticians or students can provide their expertise to help others.

Henceforth, BioCode has brought a platform that provides bioinformatics services so we can help you with your research or your project in a very efficient and supportive manner. We are happy to announce Pakistan's first-ever premium bioinformatics services company and the world's first freelance bioinformatics platform, BioinfoLytics.

The goal of BioinforLytics is to provide you with the bioinformatics services such as sequence alignment & analysis, genome analysis, bioinformatics scripting & software development, molecular docking, phylogenetic & phylogenomic analysis, protein structure prediction, functional analysis, biological database analysis, and biological data analysis & visualization And to provide you with a well-structured & faster analysis than the market in very affordable prices.

Custom Analysis:

If you couldn't find the service/s you were looking for your project or research in our aforementioned services, it's all right because you can request for a custom analysis/service according to your need and your research/project. Just head over to and avail custom services catered to your needs.

Provide Your Own Services Through BioinfoLytics:

Now if you have your expertise in bioinformatics analysis and in bioinformatics scripting, we warmly welcome you to our platform for providing your own services with a 20% fee charge.

Don't forget that we are providing you with our expertise by considering your privacy as our priority. You will completely have the authorized demonstration over your research work or your project.

How Does BioinfoLytics Work?

All you have to do is visit, submit your project, we'll confirm your order, you pay, and we'll work on your project very efficiently within the specific deadline. Once your project is ready, you'll be provided with a very manageable and comprehensive report which you can download through the high-end server so you can further work on your research. You will be provided with the chance of a maximum of 3 revisions and even after that if you are not satisfied with the work/analysis, we guarantee you a refund if you would request it within the next 7 days.

Ergo, We wish you a warm welcome to our bioinformatics services and got your back regarding any of your bioinformatics analysis & scripting needs so you can work on your research work fast and comfortably.

For more information on our services, visit

Or you can directly contact us at

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