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An Introduction --WHO Are WE?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

One of the main reason why BioCode exists is due to the increased demand of students and teachers, who actually want to learn and understand more about Bioinformatics; but there's no appropriate platform to upskill. we cover practical and theoretical aspects of a wide range of Bioinformatics. We provide Bioinformatics Consultancy for research and provide data analysis and data visualization services.

Biologist first come to mind when talking about bioinformatics, biochemists are also welcome. Biochemists who are more computational biology oriented. They are more adept at the sort of analysis than a biologist, who typically don't get that how to process, analyze and interpret data, that bioinformaticists often get.

If you fancy a career into the growing field of bioinformatics, BioCode claims to be able to provide comprehensive knowledge of Bioinformatics tools, databases, Bioinformatics programming, Scripting, Development and Computational Biology in the form of instructive videos.

With the ever expanding reach of genomics, proteomics and their large amount of data; BioCode aims to help the students of Health sciences and Life Sciences from the various fields such as: Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Functional Biology, Genomics, Genetics, Cell biology and Biophysics in the development of Computational biology skills.

BioCode suits to your own daily busy schedules that gives you the freedom to complete each tutorial based on your own available time without hurry - that will help you to take off faster as a Bioinformatician in the near future.

Our representatives will work day and night to answer all of your questions through email or live chat.

We are going live on the 17th of FEB, 2020.

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