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Gray Bioinformatics

Learn Bioinformatics Tools, Databases, Workflows and Biological Data Analysis

You can watch any number of videos from any category as long as you've the membership plan.

Genome Browsers & Databases
All About the Genome Browsers and Databases utilized in Bioinformatics from Sequence Retrieval to Genome Analysis.
Protein Databases and Protein Analysis
A thorough analysis on the protein sequences, protein databases and how to retrieve various protein-related data.
File Formats
Get a comprehensive understanding of the most used file formats in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences analysis. Consider this course a fundamental to your journey to be a data analyst.
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Sequence Alignment and Analysis
From Sequence Analysis to Pairwise & Multiple Sequence Alignment Analysis
Phylogenetic Analysis & Tools
From Multiple Sequence Alignment to Building Trees and Annotating them.
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3D-Structure Prediction
From Unknown Protein Sequence to Prediction of its Native Conformation Prediction
From modeling of the protein structures using different techniques and the use of various visualization tools.
Gene Prediction
From eukaryotic, prokaryotic or unknown genomic sequences to the prediction of genes and proteins.
Molecular Docking
From Structure Prediction to Molecular Modeling and Molecular Docking for Drug and Vaccine Discovery
Genomics Tools
From Gene Structures to Genomics Analysis, the tools, data analytics involved, techniques and much more.
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Structure Evaluation
From Structure Evaluation
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