Gray Bioinformatics

Gray Bioinformatics is an e-learning Bioinformatics course plan for absolute beginners* provided by BioCode to enhance your skills in:

  • Bioinformatics tools, servers, pipelines 

  • Databases

  • Biological data analysis 

  • Computational biology 

  • Protein, Gene and Genome Analysis

  • Molecular Docking, Virtual Screening and more.

*Advanced level courses are also available.

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Why Gray Bioinformatics Plan is Perfect For You

For a beginner in the field of Bioinformatics, it is quite a difficult job to deal with different databases and tools to retrieve, analyze and visualize biological datasets and perform various analysis on those datasets to draw logical conclusions.​

Gray Bioinformatics plan is an organized set of pre-recorded courses on different topics of Bioinformatics, which enable you to work on real-life datasets and teach you how to:

  • Sequence Retrieval, Analysis & Alignment

  • Genome Analysis, Assembly, Annotation

  • Population Genetics and Genomics

  • Phylogenetic analysis

  • Protein structure Prediction, Visualization & Evaluation

  • Molecular Docking & Docking complex evaluation 

  • Molecular Dynamics & Virtual screening analysis

  • MicroArray Gene Expression Analysis

Enrolling In The Gray Bioinformatics Plan Is EASY!

Target Audience

The target audience for Gray Bioinformatics Plan are biologists, beginner or intermediate Bioinformaticians or data analysts with no or little experience in applications of computational bioinformatics and analysis.


However, a superficial understanding of molecular biology is expected from you before you join the course.


Bioinformatics is quite easy to get started in, even if you lack a proper understanding of the underlying concepts of Bioinformatics databases, servers, tools and the algorithms working behind them.

Let's Discuss Benefits

Each Pre-recorded Video Lecture is Associated With:

  • Step-by-step lectures 

  • Subtitles (English, French, Spanish and Arabic)

  • Transcription

  • Notes

  • BioPresentations

  • Exercises

  • Automated Evaluations (MCQs)

  • 100% Authentic Certificate

Course Highlights

Gray Bioinformatics Plans Comparison

Basic Bioinformatics Course

Get started with the basics of Bioinformatics. Learn most commonly utilized biological databases, learn how to find conserved and variable regions within sequences alignment & analysis and do evolutionary & phylogenetic analysis. You’ll become familiar with all major applications of Bioinformatics in your biological research.

4 Weeks

03 hours 18 min per week

Included in Advanced Bioinformatician Course

Intermediate Bioinformatics Course

Get started with in-demand Bioinformatics skills, along with the introductory topics in Basic and Introductory Bioinformatics Course, you’ll learn how to predict genes from genomic sequences, perform molecular docking & complex evaluation, and build the protein-protein interaction networks. You’ll develop your expertise in all major applications of Bioinformatics for more logical biological research.

25 Weeks

01 hours 17 min per week

Included in Advanced Bioinformatician Course

Introductory Bioinformatics Course

Get started with the fundamentals of Bioinformatics. Along with the topics included in Basic Bioinformatics Course, you’ll be able to predict, visualize and evaluate 3D structures of proteins.

12 Weeks

01 hours 58 min per week

Included in Advanced Bioinformatician Course

Advanced Bioinformatics Course

Get started from the very basics to advanced level Bioinformatics analysis, learn most efficient and commonly utilized Bioinformatics pipelines, software, servers and more. This plan also included all the topics from Basic, Introductory and Intermediate Bioinformatics Courses, in this course you’ll also develop expertise in molecular dynamics simulations to predict the most suitable in vivo conformations of biological macromolecules for drug designing & development and find the protein-protein interaction networks. You’ll become an end-to-end expert in Bioinformatics once you’ve completed this course.

52 Weeks

00 hours 55 min per week

Included in Advanced Bioinformatician Course


What Makes ​Gray Bioinformatics Plan Unique

  • Hands-on application of commonly used and most cited bioinformatics analysis databases, genome browsers, tools, servers and software.

  • Pre-recorded lectures, so you can watch, anytime, any where, any number of times.

  • Best of all, BioCode is a registered educational institute and a Bioinformatics company both in the UK and Pakistan.

Our Philosophy

Learning should be at your convenience

We believe that not everyone is a fast learner especially when it comes to Bioinformatics, so our courses and workshops are designed in such a way that you learn at your own pace, during any time of the day and any number of times.

Everything Online, For Everyone

Whether you're a beginner in Bioinformatics, an experimental biologist or a Bioinformatics researcher, our workshop will help you greatly.

Learn effectively with well-curated materials

For an optimal learning experience we carefully prepare our learning materials and example data. So, you comprehend how your newly gained skills can help you do great research!

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