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Gold Bioinformatics Catalog

Learn Biological Programming Skills in the Most Used Programming Languages in Bioinformatics

Learn Biological Programming for Biological Analysis, Bioinformatics Analysis, Biological Data Visualization, Statistical Analysis and more!

Programming Languages Included:

  1. Python (Beginners to Advanced)

  2. R (Beginners to Advanced)


Learning Biological Data Visualization Has Never Been So EASY!

Graphic 3-01.png

Get Access to Biological Data Visualization & Statistical Analysis Courses:

  • ggplot2 (R) (Beginners to Advanced)

  • Matplotlib (Python) (Beginners to Advanced)

Learn How to Visualize Your Biological Data and Create Publication Ready Figures

Learn how to use most commonly utilized Bioinformatics libraries and packages in Python and R for Bioinformatics Analysis

Packages such as:

  • BioPython (Python) 

  • BioConductor (R)

  • For Statistical Analysis

  • For Biological Visualization 

  • For Gene Expression Analysis

and more!

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Have a Look - Free Videos!

Go through each programming language course - both courses are carefully catered for the beginners and the advanced users!

Python for Bioinformatics
R for Bioinformatics
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