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Gem Bioinformatics

Gem Bioinformatics i is a pre-recorded Bioinformatics course plan for absolute beginners to learn Bioinformatics and programming skills.

  • Biological programming in Python & R 

  • Bioinformatics scripting on Linux terminal

  • Bioinformatics tools, servers, pipelines 

  • Biological Databases

  • Biological Data Analysis 

  • Computational Biology 

Busy Schedule? No Problem

Each Plan Includes

Step-by-step pre-recorded lectures

Subtitles (English, Spanish, French, Arabic)

Learn any time, any where!



Coding scripts



Automated Evaluations (MCQs)


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Why Gem Bioinformatics Plan is Perfect For You

As a beginner in the field of Bioinformatics, most bioinformaticians don’t have the knowledge how scripting & programming overlaps the biological context of Bioinformatics. The Gem Bioinformatics plan integrates all of the BioCode courses into a single plan that builds your expertise to become an advanced bioinformatician.

Target Audience

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The target audience for Gem Bioinformatics Plan are biologists, beginner or intermediate Bioinformaticians or data analysts with no or little experience in applications of computational bioinformatics & bioinformatics  scripting and programming.


However, a superficial understanding of  molecular biology is expected from you before you join the course.


Bioinformatics is quite easy to get started in, even if you lack a proper understanding of the underlying concepts of Bioinformatics databases, servers, tools and the algorithms working behind them.

Course Highlights

Gem Bioinformatics Plans
(Course Content is Same Among All)


 Price: 22.99$

3 Months

 Price: 61.99$

6 Months

 Price: 119.99$

12 Months

 Price: 249.99$

Linux for Bioinformatics Plans
(Course Content is Same Among All)


 Price: 24.99$

3 Months

 Price: 67.99$

12 Months

 Price: 129.99$

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What Makes ​Gem Bioinformatics Plan Unique

  • Hands-on application of commonly used and most cited bioinformatics analysis databases, genome browsers, tools, servers and software.

  • Hands-on application of commonly utilized bioinformatics programming languages such as Python and R.

  • Learn bioinformatics scripting on Linux terminal.

  • Pre-recorded lectures, so you can watch, anytime, anywhere, any number of times.

  • Best of all, BioCode is a registered educational institute and a Bioinformatics company both in the UK and Pakistan.

Our Philosophy

Learning should be at your convenience

We believe that not everyone is a fast learner especially when it comes to Bioinformatics, so our courses and workshops are designed in such a way that you learn at your own pace, during any time of the day and any number of times.

Everything Online, For Everyone

Whether you're a beginner in Bioinformatics, an experimental biologist or a Bioinformatics researcher, our workshop will help you greatly.

Learn effectively with well-curated materials

For an optimal learning experience we carefully prepare our learning materials and example data. So, you comprehend how your newly gained skills can help you do great research!

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