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Looking to Get Started With Bioinformatics, But Short on Time?

FastTrack Bioinformatics covers a complete-range of the most important and foundational topics of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology across all levels,  either you're a beginner or an intermediate - this course is for you.

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Exceed Your Expectations.

Learn What You Have Always Wanted.


Bioinformatics skills are an important asset to have for your academic and industrial career, so that you can utilize the cutting-edge Bioinformatics pipelines in your biological researches, the pipelines that are widely used and required for any kind of influential and world-impacting researches such as:

-Sequence (DNA/Protein/Genome) Analysis

-Motifs and Domain Prediction & Analysis

-Phylogenetic and Phylogenomic Analysis

-Secondary and 3D Protein Structure Prediction

-Molecular Docking & Virtual Screening

-Computational Drug Designing

Learn Practical and Real-life Bioinformatics Pipelines and Methodologies


ONLY 15 Days.

Become an Expert.

All we need is your 15-Days to introduce you to the amazing Bioinformatics applications and techniques through pre-recorded lectures and ultimately polish your newly gained skillset.

In these 15 days, you'll be learning and implementing your newly gained skillset on bioinformatics exercises to elucidate useful biological knowledge from real-life datasets, such as:


-Computational annotation of a single gene/protein

-Gene Prediction from Bacteria/Viral/Eukaryotic Genomes

-Prediction of Novel Genes

-Elucidation of SARS-COV-2 Viral Strains Through Phylogenomic Analysis

-Molecular Docking of Ligands Against Pathogenic Protein(s)

-Protein-protein Docking

Don’t Know Anything About Bioinformatics? Don't Worry, We Have Got You Covered! All You Need is 15 Days on Your Hands and a Few Hours Everyday


This 15-Days FastTrack Bioinformatics Course is specifically catered and designed for absolute Beginners and intermediates in Bioinformatics. All you need is a very little Biology background and we'll handle the rest. ​


You'll be learning through a fast-track schedule of 15 days and implementing the gained knowledge on bioinformatics exercises.

The entire course is online and will be conducted through a schedule-based pre-recorded videos, that you can watch at any day, any number of times, at any given time.

You'll have access to FastTrack Course Dashboard that will allow you to track your progress, video lectures, next tasks, completed tasks and more. Each day, you'll be completing a single task and submit the task for evaluation.


No Time Constraints

Entire FastTrack Bioinformatics Course is pre-recorded so you don't have to worry about the timing.

Each module has segments that you watch, learn and practice according to your mood, pace & time.

In case of questions, you'll always have the option to contact us 24/7 for any help.

For Absolute Beginners All the 15-Days FastTrack Bioinformatics Course modules are carefully crafted so you learn from the vey basics of the Bioinformatics.

Development of Skills Like Never Before Efficient demonstrations of the databases, tools, methodologies, algorithms and software suites that are utilized within Bioinformatics researches will help you learn how to start your own projects, do bioinformatics analysis such as:

-Sequence (DNA/Protein/Genome) Analysis

-Motifs and Domain Prediction & Analysis

-Phylogenetic and Phylogenomic Analysis

-Secondary and 3D Protein Structure Prediction

-Molecular Docking & Virtual Screening

-Computational Drug Designing

-... and much more.

Quick Facts on FastTrack Bioinformatics Course


Online/Schedule Based


Dashboard, (Downloadable content such as BioPresentations, Transcriptions, Notes, Real-life Datasets)



Learning Period:

15 Days


49.99 USD (International)

7,999 PKR (Pakistan)

Payment Methods:

PayPal, Direct Debit,  Transferwise, International Bank Transfer, EasyPaisa and JazzCash

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Application Deadline:

Start of FastTrack Bioinformatics Course:

5th January, 2020

10th January, 2020

Certification will be provided on completion of the project.

So, Let's Get You Enrolled Now!

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