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Gray Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics Databases & Analysis

Bioinformatics File Formats

Protein Databases & Analysis

Sequence Alignment & Analysis

Phylogenetic Analysis

Secondary Structure Prediction

Molecular Docking

Beginners, Intermediate & Advance Level Courses Available

Gem Bioinformatics

An Integrated Blend of Both Gray and Gold Bioinformatics Plans.

Both Plans at the Price of ONE!

Beginners, Intermediate & Advance Level Courses Available

Gold Bioinformatics

Introduction & Installation of Python

Introduction to BioPython

Introduction to R & installation of R Studio

Data Visualization: ggplot2

MicroArray Analysis: BioConductor

Introduction to Linux/Unix

Beginners, Intermediate & Advance Level Courses Available

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Subtitles (English and Spanish)



Coding scripts



Automated Evaluations (MCQs)

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