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Prerequisite Terminologies

In order to have thorough understanding of the main topic, you should have the basic concept of the following terms:




Hamsa Ehsan


In R language, there are binaries that are written by other academics, scientists or researchers who publish/upload them and allow others to access them. They plot the entire code within a class, summarize them into a binary file and then upload them to the R’s resource package that is known as Cran R-Project.


  • First go to the Cran R-Project Website’s Homepage, which you can access from the link given below:

  • On the left side of the homepage, you can go to ‘Packages’ and click on it.

  • The repository of the packages will be shown which contains over 50,000 packages; these packages have various purposes.

  • Most of these packages are used for biological analysis e.g. a package name ‘abd’ is especially used for this purpose.

  • When you click on any package, the information related to that package is displayed, which you can read and analyze.

  • There is ‘Reference Manual’ available and there is also a resource File which you can download.

  • You can download ‘Binaries’ and install them, and there’s also ‘license Information’ available.


In this video, we got to see how packages are accessed and what is the basic need of the packages. We also got to see the kind of information related to a package is available in the R repository which you can use according to your own analysis.

File(s) Section

If a particular file is required for this video, and was discussed in the lecture, you can download it by clicking the button below.

Useful Data
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