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Data Frames

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Prerequisite Terminologies

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Hamsa Ehsan


In Programming Language R, Data Frame is a 2-Dimensional table/array like structure which has rows and columns, where each column consists of values of one variable and each row consists of one set of values from each column.

Characteristics of Data Frame:

  • The data stored in a data frame can be of numeric, factor or character type.

  • Each column should contain the same number of values.

  • All the elements/values in a column are of same datatypes.


  • Open RStudio and save your ‘.r’ file.

  • To create a data frame in R, you can just use a built-in function of R as shown below:

       data.frame(variable = c(values))

       Where variable is the column name.

  • Declare a variable/vector by assigning the data frame function to it.

  • Then call that variable and you’d be able to see the data frame table in the Console of the RStudio.


In this video, we got to learn about Data Frame in R Programming Language and how you can use the built-in function of data frame and create a 2-D table of your data; which you can analyze later.

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