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BioinfoLytics provides a range of biological data analysis, visualization, pipelines services to help you do more research rapidly and efficiently.

Helping You Achieve More, Do More

We take care of the hardships that are hurdles for your research by providing you with effective, efficient and quick analysis through Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Scripting and Programming skills and expertise. 

Biological Programming & Scripting Services


Ever stuck in research due to oh-not-so-familiar with programming and scripting? We've got you covered -- BioinfoLytics provides services for efficient, clean and to-the-point programming code and scripts written in Python, R for Bioinformatics and biological data analysis.

Languages that we provide services in:

  • Python

  • R

  • BioPython

  • BioConductor


  • C++

  • JAVA

Efficient, Rapid and Reliable Results

No matter how big biological datasets you've got to analyze, we've got you covered in all-things-Bioinformatics. Your biological datasets are analyzed through a huge fleet of high-end servers to provide you the analysis results as quickly as possible.


Low on memory? Low on storage? Low on time? Don't worry -- BioinfoLytics is here to rescue.

Publication-ready High Resolution Data Visualization & Figures 

A Series of Bioinformatics Services

To Help You Find The Biological Answers You're Seeking For Your Research!

Sequence Alignment & Analysis
Genome Analysis
Bioinformatics Scripting & Software Development
Phylogenetic and Phylogenomic Analysis
Biological Database Analysis
Biological Data Analysis & Visualization
Functional Analysis
Protein Structure Prediction
Molecular Docking

Have Something Else on Mind?

Custom Analysis

How Does BioinfoLytics Work?

100% Secured Payment Methods

3 FREE Revisions - 7 Days Money-back Guarantee - 100% Customer-oriented privacy

(GDPR-compliant -- your data will not be shared with any person, entity or organization) 

Each analysis outputs a Professional Analysis Report along with the output files that you can access, visualize and download.

BioinfoLytics - A Freelance Platform

If you're a freelance and an expert in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Biological Programming through Python, R, UNIX or any other Bioinformatics-related skillset, avail this opportunity to sell your services through BioinfoLytics.

Provide Your Own Services Through Bioinfolytics

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It was a wonderful experience with biocode. Best place for beginners. The course was beautifully organized and I loved the teaching method. The team is very helpful. They solve every doubt we ask. I am very satisfied with the course and it was worth the time

Khadija Izhar


Right now 'm attached to BioCode,' m doing just a first course from there but if all I can say about my experience is that, it has proved to be ultra-practical in our bioinformatics sheet.I think it teaches us more than our academic career of that equivalence..

Samia akhtar


Assalamoalikum! First of all congratulations for brilliant success in biocode. Really a good work i appreciate biocode is really a good initiative for bioinformatcians .keep us informed of such a wonderful knowledge... biocode success is actually our success.

Sajjad Hussain

Harbin Medical University,Harbin China

Thank you for all your help. Your service was excellent and very fast. Many thanks for you kind and efficient service. I have already and will definitely continue to recommend your services to others in the future.

Waqar Hanif


Founder, CEO

Haroon Mustafa


Co-Founder, CTO

Hamsa Ehsan


Co-Founder, COO

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