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Segment 1: Bioinformatics Databases for Protein Analysis

Learn various Protein Bioinformatics databases for the retrieval and analysis of protein sequences, proteome, protein structures, protein families and protein-protein interactions.


Segment 2: Protein Sequence Alignment & Analysis

Learn different Bioinformatics tools & databases for pairwise sequence & structure alignment, multiple sequence alignment, motif & domain prediction and secondary structure prediction of proteins.

Segment 3: 3D Structure Prediction

Learn highly utilized and most efficient bioinformatics tools and servers for 3D structure prediction of proteins and peptides.


Segment 4: 3D Structure Visualization & Evaluation

Learn highly efficient and accurate tools and web servers for the visualization and evaluation of 3D structures of proteins.


Segment 5: Molecular Docking & Complex Evaluation

Learn structure based drug discovery of proteins using highly utilized and accurate tools and web servers for protein-ligand and protein-protein docking and docking complex evaluation tools as well.


Segment 6: Molecular Dynamics & Simulation

Develop basics and advanced level Molecular Dynamics for protein, protein-protein, protein-ligand, DNA-ligand, and RNA-ligand complex simulations.

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