Become a skilled Bioinformatician, Computational Biologist or a Biological Programmer through interactive video courses, transcriptions, concise theoretical and practical BioPresentations.

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BioCode offers a personalized Bioinformatics learning experience designed to accommodate learners of all levels; from beginners to seasoned experts.


BioCode empowers bioinformatics learning aspirant community belonging to any biological research field to learn at their own pace whenever it’s convenient, and from the comfort of wherever they are in the world.

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BioCode confidently provides bioinformatics courses ranging from biological databases, sequence and genome analysis, bioinformatics scripting and much more targeting. Our bioinformatics courses are curated and carefully prepared by experts.

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Become a skilled Bioinformatics

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Become a skilled Bioinformatics

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You've three course tracks options to choose from

Gray Bioinformatics

Learn Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Tools for Biological Data Analysis.

Per Month

11.99 USD

Gold Bioinformatics

Learn Bioinformatics Programming in Python & R for Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

Per Month

18.99 USD

Gem Bioinformatics

An integration of both of Gray & Gold Bioinformatics. Learn Bioinformatics tools and programming at once. 

Per Month

21.99 USD

Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Scripting Course Catalog 

People who learn with BioCode achieve amazing outcomes. Our video lectures cut to the core of the subjects they cover, dissecting them in ways that are comprehensible and engaging to viewers. Whatever your individual goals may be, we’re confident that our bioinformatics courses will foster consistent and substantial improvements in your skill building.

Gray Bioinformatics Catalog

Gold Bioinformatics Catalog

Bioinformatics courses such as Sequence Alignment, Phylogenetic Analysis, 3D Modeling and Simulation, Gene, Protein and Genome Analysis, Biological Databases, Bioinformatics Software Development and Bioinformatics Scripting in Python & R are covered thoroughly keeping in mind the aspirants of Bioinformatics from all fields of biological sciences. 

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Great Reviews & Fantastic Feedback


Salma Hafeez


Well the curriculum of internship are well-organized & updated from basic to advanced level. The demonstration of lecture is very impressive .As recently I completed my MSc Zoology in which bioinformatics I & II are our core subjects in consecutively two semesters ,but Biocode taught the more attractive syllabus than the curriculum of bioinformatics followed by any university of Pakistan. The teams of Biocode are very co-operative. Also the fee of internship is very low as compare to curriculum that is available by Biocode.I concludes that the service provided by Biocode are splendid ones .May Allah blessed them success at every step.

Olubiyi Makinde


This is an eye opener to the drug discovery. I wish I had applied the principles to my test drug. It would have reduced the challenges I had during my research and saved time.

Andrew E IVANg


The introductory components of the first was quite elucidated and comprehended. It was an eye opener and paradigm shift in my research pursue and career development. The presenters were able to simply complex terms and is commendable.


Saudi Arabia

A really good workshop. I have learnt and understood so many new things and concepts. I have solved my confusions related to understandings of computational drug discovery and fundamentals of proteomics. At least, I have learnt how to walk and make my own path in this field. One workshop does not make you perfect ever but it at least provides you certain skills we may need to have first before moving on to it. And this workshop contents did this job done really well. Whatever mistakes I have committed in completing the tasks (which I have many I believe) can be now rectified with further readings and practicing the tools and schemes I did learn in this ten-day forum. Being solely a wet lab senior researcher, though it was something quite new and challenging for me, but I have enjoyed it as learning never has an end. Place of improvements are always there. Really thanks for this wonderful informative, well-refined and precious course. I would love to join further in any of such workshops designed by the Biocode in near future. Thanks...

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