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BioCode is a platform where the students, teachers and instructors of Health Sciences and Life Sciences can learn Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics Programming, Scripting, Software Development, Computational Drug and Vaccine Discovery through Interactive video Bioinformatics Courses.

BioCode solely focuses on the practical comprehension of the underlying concepts involved in the research of Health and Life Sciences.

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Become a skilled Bioinformatics

tools, databases, data analysis,

data visualization expert!

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Become a skilled Bioinformatics

programming in R & Python. Learn Biological Data Analysis.


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You've three course tracks options to choose from

Gray Bioinformatics

Learn Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Tools for Biological Data Analysis.

Per Month

9.99 USD

Gold Bioinformatics

Learn Bioinformatics Programming in Python & R for Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

Per Month

16.99 USD

Gem Bioinformatics

An integration of both of Gray & Gold Bioinformatics. Learn Bioinformatics tools and programming at once. 

Per Month

18.99 USD

Beginners Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
Personalized Courses
Automated Schedule Based Learning
Real-World Research Oriented BioCourses
Exercises, Evaluations
Netflix Style Lecture Resuming

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Gray Bioinformatics Catalog

Gold Bioinformatics Catalog

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It was a wonderful experience with biocode. Best place for beginners. The course was beautifully organized and I loved the teaching method. The team is very helpful. They solve every doubt we ask. I am very satisfied with the course and it was worth the time

Khadija Izhar


Right now 'm attached to BioCode,' m doing just a first course from there but if all I can say about my experience is that, it has proved to be ultra-practical in our bioinformatics sheet.I think it teaches us more than our academic career of that equivalence..

Samia akhtar


Assalamoalikum! First of all congratulations for brilliant success in biocode. Really a good work i appreciate biocode is really a good initiative for bioinformatcians .keep us informed of such a wonderful knowledge... biocode success is actually our success.

Sajjad Hussain

Harbin Medical University,Harbin China

Thank you for all your help. Your service was excellent and very fast. Many thanks for you kind and efficient service. I have already and will definitely continue to recommend your services to others in the future.

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